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  • LK HydronicGroup 90C

    We keep it cool when the heat is on

    LK HydronicGroup 90C is a complete pump group suitable for cooling systems where mixed supply is desirable.

  • Mixed LK products

    Correct temperature of course

    Our solutions are based on a comprehensive approach to how valves, controllers, components and prefabricated products work together.

Product News

  • LK 556 AntiFreeze

    LK 556 AntiFreeze

    Protect your heating system from freezing with the LK 556 AntiFreeze.

  • LK 212 SolarStation

    LK 212 SolarStation

    The LK 212 SolarStation has been designed to provide optimal protection and control over your solar heating system.

  • LK 250 TapWater

    LK 250 TapWater Unit

    The LK 250 TapWater Unit is a device for heating tap water. It is easy to install, available with anti-limestone coated heat exchanger and scald protection with LK 551 HydroMix

  • LK 322 CoolUnit

    LK 322 CoolUnit

    LK 322 CoolUnit is a valve combination that facilitates the use of natural cooling in a geothermal heat pump system.

  • LK 360 NetMag

    LK 360 NetMag

    The LK 360 NetMag is a magnetic cyclone filter that effectively protects your boiler and other components in your heating system by collect dirt and magnetite.

  • LK 211 SolarStation

    LK 211 SolarStation

    LK 211 SolarStation is a compact single-pipe solar pump unit. It contains all the necessary components for a safe operation and control of the solar heating system.

  • LK 450 EasyHeat M

    LK 450 EasyHeat M

    The LK 450 EasyHeat M (manual) 3 kW or 9 kW is a complete portable electrically heated boiler. It is primarily meant to be used as a temporary heater.

  • LK 811 ThermoMat 2.0 W

    LK 811 ThermoMat 2.0 W

    LK 811 ThermoMat 2.0 W is a loading unit for heating applications with solid fuel boilers and storage tanks. 

  • LK 994 SafetyGroup

    LK 994 SafetyGroup

    LK 994 SafetyGroup is a safety group for heating systems with automatic shutdown when removing expansion vessel and adjustable bracket.

  • LK 840/850 HG ThermoMix® 2.0

    LK 840/850 HG ThermoMix® 2.0

    A 3-way mixing valve which can be used as a mixing or diverting valve in heating systems.