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Mixed LK products

Correct temperature of course

Our solutions are based on a comprehensive approach to how valves, controllers, components and prefabricated products work together.

A one-stop supplier

LK Armatur is a global active producer with a leading position on the European HVAC market. Constant advancement of our products, bundled with international market experience makes LK your preferred partner for standard valves and individual system solutions. Our extensive product range consists of four product areas.

Close-up of LK 551 HydroMix mixing valve


LK Armatur’s main business is based on manufacturing valves. We constantly develop, design and make new products.

Electronic temperatur controller LK SmartComfort

Electronic Heat Regulation

Our electronic heat regulation products are especially developed to help you reduce cost and increase the energy efficiency in your heating system.

Pipe soldering in production


Within prefabrication we work with the processing of pipes and assembly of components into complete units. 

Accessories for our products

Spare parts and Accessories

To be a complete supplier and better meet our customers' needs we convey accessories from leading manufacturers in Europe.