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    Our solutions are based on a comprehensive approach to how valves, controllers, components and prefabricated products work together.

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    The exhibition is taking place from March 12-15. Please come and join us in our Stand C41, D42 in Hall 3.

Product news

LK 322 CoolUnit

LK 322 CoolUnit

LK 322 CoolUnit is a valve combination that facilitates the use of natural cooling in a geothermal heat pump system.

LK 250 TapWater

LK 250 TapWater Unit

The LK 250 TapWater Unit is a device for heating tap water. It is easy to install, available with anti-limestone coated heat exchanger and scald protection with LK 551 HydroMix

LK 212 SolarStation

LK 212 SolarStation

The LK 212 SolarStation has been designed to provide optimal protection and control over your solar heating system.

LK 360 NetMag

LK 360 NetMag

The LK 360 NetMag is a magnetic cyclone filter that effectively
protects your boiler and other components in your heating system
by collect dirt and magnetite.