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Produktionslyftet (Boosting Swedish Manufacturing)

Produktionslyftet is a comprehensive national programme started in 2006 by the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries (Teknikföretagen) and the trade union IF Metall. Its aim is to increase Swedish industry’s productivity, competitiveness and capacity to develop, thus boosting the potential for viable manufacturing in Sweden. The programme uses tried and tested processes that have been evolving since 2007 and are continuously being improved. The process is based on principles similar to lean principles but starts from the challenges and ambitions that matter most to individual companies. LK Armatur has been involved in Boosting Swedish Manufacturing since 2010.

Showing the Way

The Showing the Way prize (Visa vägen-priset) is awarded by Samhall, the state-owned company promoting employment for people with disabilities. It is presented to people who lead from the front on behalf of disabled people and who work to remove barriers to the job market. The prize is awarded to employers and champions who understand the importance of looking at what a person can do rather than what they can’t do. In simple terms, it goes to those sensible enough to look at a person’s capabilities – not to be kind or because they mean well, but for the good of their own company.
LK Armatur was awarded the Showing the Way Employer of the Year prize in 2010, when the jury’s statement was as follows: “LK Armatur’s commitment and promotion of the benefits to business of a diverse workforce show that it is a worthy winner of Samhall’s CSR prize, Showing the Way 2010”.

New Entrepreneur Centre, North West Skåne

The work of the New Entrepreneur Centre (Nyföretagarcentrum Skåne Nordväst) is funded by a large number of companies and organisations and the municipalities that together comprise the regional association Familjen Helsingborg. The contributions made by the members of this extensive network make it possible for prospective entrepreneurs to get free expert advice from people already in business. LK Armatur is one of several important partners involved in this network.

Bridge-builder for Campus Friends

LK Armatur is a member of Campus Friends (Campus Vänner), an organisation that aims to helps students at Campus Helsingborg and regional businesses to get the most out of each other. The members act as links between students and businesses to enable students and entrepreneurs to establish inspiring and meaningful contacts for the future.
Campus Friends