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4 product areas

Our wide product range spans across four key areas, each designed to meet diverse needs in the realm of HVAC solutions.

LK 551 HydroMix


LK Armatur’s main business is based on manufacturing valves. We constantly develop, design and make new products.

Standards are high, since our clients and customer’s expect a lot from us. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the field, combined with the latest technology, we can provide the market with a very wide range of both standard products and sophisticated, customised special products.

We often participate at the idea stage and can help our customers with not just the right product but also complete packages that save time and money.

Electronic heat regulation

Electronic Heat Regulation

The risk of energy shortage, the steady increase in energy prices and the global warming problem have created a great need for cost and energy efficient heating systems in which renewable energy sources can be utilized.

Our own range of electronic heat and temperature controllers are gathered under the family name of Smart. Simple, user friendly products that cater to our customers' needs in a smart way. This product range includes SmartComfort - temperature controllers, SmartBio and Smart Stove - differential temperature controller, SmartSol - solar controller and SmartSolar - solar pump units.

Prefabrication work


Within prefabrication we work with the processing of pipes and assembly of components into complete units . Prefabrication can be anything from bending pipes to designing and manufacturing high-end customized HVAC solutions. We process pipe material in steel, stainless steel and copper

Example of prefabrication
Using the latest bending, welding and design technology, we can suggest cost-effective products.



To be a complete supplier and better meet our customers' needs we convey accessories
from leading manufacturers in Europe.

Accepted brands
Our close cooperation with leading manufacturers in Europe means that we can offer customers a wide range of quality products. We communicate exclusively established brands that are approved according to national and international standards. Accessories
are mainly used as components of our customized total solutions.