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LK 523 VacuVent

LK 523 VacuVent

LK 523 is a siphonage prevention device that is fitted in tapwater installations.

LK 523 VacuVent


LK 523 - Male thread

LK 523 - Male thread 1 artikel

Capacity: 150 l/min (air)

Article Dim. DN Weight (kg) Item List
091081 M ½" 10 0.04


Dim. M ½"
DN 10
Weight (kg) 0.04
Item list

Detailed Information


LK 523 is a siphonage prevention device that is fitted in tapwater installations.

The vacuum valve can be fitted in any position as the function is independent of the position. However, installation at the low points of the system should be avoided.
The connection G½ is designed for LK Armatur systems with O-ring sealing. When connecting to this system, the valve is screwed to a stop manually and then turned a further 0.5-1.5 turns using a suitable tool. When connecting to another component, the thread is sealed in the usual way.
Other thread connections are sealed in the usual way.

The valve requires no maintenance. Inspect the installation regularly.
In extreme cases, the valve may not close entirely until work is complete. This is due to solid contamination from the system (e.g. grains of sand or grit) entering the valve seat.
The valve function can be restored with the following action:
Remove the black protective covering by clamping over it manually, and turn it to the side. Press very carefully on the now visible valve so that the water pressure can flush very briefly through the valve. Put back the protective covering.
Note: Note the water leak that will occur when doing this.

Technical Data

Working temperature: Max. 90 °C
Max. working pressure: 1.0 MPa (10 bar)
Thread standard: G - male thread
Material, valve body: Nickel-plated Brass EN 12165 CW617N
Other data: Material, valve cone Noryl
Capacity 150 l/min (air)
Material, sealing: EPDM