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51CR Strainer

51CR Strainer

Dirt filter 51CR is used in heating and cooling systems.

51CR Strainer


51CR - Compression fitting

51CR - Compression fitting 1 artikel

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022036 Gasket for filter cap


Note Gasket for filter cap
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Detailed Information


Dirt filter 51CR is used in heating and cooling systems.

The arrow on the filter housing indicates the direction of flow. The best function is achieved when the dirt filter is installed horizontally with the filter drum facing down. The dirt filter must be fitted in a zone that can be closed. This is because it must be possible to easily collect water flowing out when cleaning the filter, while also avoiding unnecessary topping-up of the water in the system.

Installation of the compression fitting is facilitated if lubricant is applied to the thread and chamfer. Tighten manually first, then use a fixed wrench. Tightening, number of turns with wrench: Dim 15 Copper pipe 1¼ turns, steel pipes ¾ turns. Dim 22 Copper pipe 1 turn, steel pipes ¾ turns. Soft pipes are fitted with support sleeves.

The filter should be cleaned according to a set procedure. On installation, the filter is ideally cleaned after just a month or so of operating time. The time interval can then be extended depending on the degree of contamination in the filter. If necessary, use standard washing-up liquid or a soap solution to clean the filter drum.

Technical Data

Working temperature: Max. 110 °C
Max. working pressure: 1.6 MPa
Other data: Material, Strainer DZR Brass
Material, filter cartridge stainless steel SS 2331-02
Material, sealing NBR
Other data: Specification filter cartridge:
Number of holes/cm² 280 st - resp. 30 st
Hole area 0,08 mm² - resp. 2,0 mm²
Mesh opening, filter Ø max. 0,28 mm - resp. 1,0 mm