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LK 560 AquaKit

LK 560 AquaKit

LK 560 is a valve combination with mixing valve for hot water heaters.

LK 560 AquaKit


LK 560 - Compression fitting

LK 560 - Compression fitting 1 artikel

Article Dim. Weight (kg) Item List
090103 15 mm 0.5


Dim. 15 mm
Weight (kg) 0.5
Item list

Detailed Information


LK 560 is a valve combination with mixing valve for hot water heaters. The manifold has a shut-off to incoming cold water and an integrated non-return valve to prevent flowback of hot water to incoming cold water pipes. There is a connection with internal thread G½ for installation of a safety valve. The mixing valve regulates the supply of cold water in order to achieve the desired temperature.
The valve combination has a separate air screw for emptying the heater.

Arrows on the valve body indicate the direction of flow.
• KV = incoming cold water
• VV = incoming very hot water
• BV = outgoing hot water

The connection with internal thread G½ is designed for LK Armatur system with O-ring sealing, where the valve is first screwed to a stop manually and then turned 0.5-1.5 turns to the correct position using a tool. Other parts are fitted in the usual way.
Compression fitting for installation on copper or steel pipes. When installing to an external threaded connection, adapter LK 373 is used - see under Accessories.
Installation of the compression fitting is facilitated if lubricant is applied to the thread and chamfer. Tighten manually as far as possible, then use a fixed wrench. Tightening, number of turns with wrench plus other technical data, please see separate data sheet for Compression fittings. Soft pipes are fitted with support sleeves.

The valve knob is used to set the desired warm water temperature within the range of 38°C to 65°C.
The valve requires no maintenance. The installation should be checked regularly.

Technical Data

Working temperature: Min. 5 °C/Max. 90 °C
Operating temperature: Min. 38 °C/Max. 65 °C
Max. working pressure: 1.0 MPa (10 bar)
Material, valve body: DZR Brass EN 12165 CW625N

Technical Diagrams

Capacity Diagram

Accessories & Spare parts

Article no. Article Position
4311733 LK 684 Repair kit, Shut-off/Check valve
4920722 LK 688 Repair kit, Mixing valve 3
187306 Air Vent M5x6, o-ring, 4

Questions & Answers

Can I buy the air-vent for LK 560 AquaKit as a spare part?

Yes, it can be ordered with article number 187306. You can find it under LK 560AquaKit and Accessories and spare parts on our website.