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LK 906 Drain valve

LK 906 Drain valve

Drain valve for heating systems.

LK 906 Drain valve


LK 906 - Male thread

LK 906 - Male thread 2 variants

Article Dim. Weight (kg) Item List
061108 M ½" 0.07
090134 M ½" incl. o-ring


Dim. M ½"
Weight (kg) 0.07
Item list


Dim. M ½" incl. o-ring
Weight (kg)
Item list

Detailed Information


Drain valve for heating systems.

The valve fits with direction of flow as indicated by the arrow. Male thread connection. Connections can be used for 15 mm compression fitting. The thread is sealed in the usual way.
The thread M15 is designed for LK Armatur system with O-ring sealing, where the valve is screwed to a stop manually and then turned a further 0.5-1.5 turns to the correct position using a suitable tool.

The draining valve requires no maintenance. Inspect the installation regularly.
The drain connection must be provided with a protective covering when it is not connected to a hose for drainage.

Technical Data

Working temperature: Max. 100 °C
Max. working pressure: 1.0 MPa
Thread standard: G - male thread
Other data: Material, valve Brass MS 58, externally sandblasted

Technical Diagrams

Pressure drop diagram